What is Hylo-Tear?                                        HYLO-Tear

HYLO-Tear is a carefully formulated product containing 0.1% Hyaluronic Acid that can quickly relieve those annoying dry eye symptoms. Hyaluronic Acid is a very natural and long acting ingredient which is actually present in many parts of our body, including the eye. Delivered via the unique, patented, COMOD system, HYLO-Tear will release one drop for every click in a pump action technique. HYLO-Tear is preservative free and will remain sterile for six months from the time of opening, making it really economical

Who can use Hyo-Tear?

Hylo-Tear eye drops are suitable for adults and children of all age groups and can also be used during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Hylo-Tear eye drops are safe to use with all types of contact lenses and so you do not need to remove your lenses before applying the drops.

How should Hylo-Tear be applied?

The recommended dosage is one drop in each eye, three times daily, however the drops can be used more frequently if required.

Product information:

• Preservative free
• Suitable for use with all contact lenses
• Natural, soothing, tolerable ingredients
• Remains sterile for 6 months from opening
• User friendly bottle
• Compatible with ComplEye, our easy to use compliance aid

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