Omega Eye

Omega Eye is a scientifically formulated food supplement to support your eye health. Omega Eye offers an effective, safe and natural way to maintain healthy vision from within. Omega Eye has been developed to be used in conjunction with other therapies, like eye drops for Dry eye and Blepharitis.

Omega Eye

Product Benefits

• Better quality Tear film
• Improvement in Dry Eye symptoms

Product Features

• 2.24g of Omega 3 (EPA and DHA) which has anti-inflammatory effects
• Dosage: 4 capsules or one 5ml spoonful daily
• Contains 25μg of Vitamin D3 per daily dose.
• Natural form of Omega 3 for better absorption and bio-availability
• No PCBs, toxins or alcohol
• 120 capsules in a bottle will provide a 30-day supply
• 200ml bottle provides a 40-day supply
• No fishy or unwanted aftertaste


For further information and to buy Omega Eye online please visit our dedicated Omega Eye website.

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